When you choose Star Plastic as your supplier, you gain the additional benefits of these unique, high-value services. 

customer thermoforming servicesCUSTOM THERMOFORMING
Star Plastic specializes in custom thermoforming of blisters, clamshells, trays and tray lids to precise customer specifications. Complete design, tooling, expert problem solving and fast turnarounds are only part of the total services we offer to our customers.
unique materials for thermoformed manufacturingUNIQUE MATERIALS
We form flocked and metalized material, PET, PLA, PE, PVC, PS and ABS. From 7 mil to 70 mil in any color or texture. Special materials add an extra measure of elegance to your display packaging for a lasting impression.
fast turnaround stock and custom thermoformingQUICK TURNAROUNDS
The flexibility of our 12 thermoforming machines enables us to turn jobs in a matter of days or hours. It is not uncommon for a customer to call us in a bind and ask us for the job that same day or the next. We can often accommodate these requests.
economies of scale for customer thermoformingLOW VOLUME ECONOMIES
Our equipment mix and lower set-up times, allows us to run small jobs much more economically than many traditional in-line thermoformers. Off line set-ups can often be performed in minutes allowing multiple jobs to be completed in a single shift.
customer tooling modification and useUSE OF YOUR TOOLING
Star Plastic is able to take your existing tooling and tailor it to run on our equipment. This capability is rare among thermoformers, it can mean a substantial savings to avoid the cost of new tooling design and fabrication.
thermoforming of deep shell, high depth productsDEEP DRAW THERMOFORMING
We're able to form 70 mil high-impact polystyrene, 6-1/2 inches deep and greater for larger, taller display trays and specialty applications. We can also form and inline cut large clamshells for products requiring a deep shell.
specialty materials for impressive thermoformed display packagingFLOCKED MATERIALS
We stock various flocked materials used for imparting a high sheen or velvety surface texture. These add sophistication and elegance to your packaging or display.
automated technology for efficient thermoformed manufacturingAUTOMATED EDGE FOLD
Our automated (slide blister) edge fold and card insertion machine, offers an environmentally responsible process with easy source separation and segregation for efficient plastic and paperboard recycling.
large format and high volume thermoformingLONG RUN CAPABILITIES
Our larger format machines routinely meet requests for hundreds of thousands and even millions of blisters or clamshells. Running fast equipment on two shifts with inline cutting, we're able to meet and surpass our customer's finished part usage requirements.
custom in-house tool design and manufacturingIN HOUSE TOOL DESIGN
In house tooling design, CNC prototyping, plus both small and large thermoforming machines coupled with tool size flexibility, mean better economics for our customers. This combination allows us to meet your changing needs and add value to your organization.
shared cost and tooling on combined customer production runsCOMBINATION RUNS
We can combine multiple customers on a single run several times a month. Reducing cost significantly compared to a dedicated tool. The sharing of the set up and operation on a combo run allows you to source your clamshells or blisters in the most economical manner.
servicing for all types of thermoforming and packaging equipmentEQUIPMENT REBUILDS & REFURBISHING
Star Plastic proivdes quality rebuild and refurbishing services for all types of thermoforming and packaging equipment. Call or email for more information.
steel ruled die manufacturingDIES FOR THE PRINT & PACKAGING INDUSTRIES
We also manufacture steel-ruled dies for use in the printing and packaging industries. Please call or email us to receive additional information on this service.
Star Plastic is committed to your successOUR UNWAVERING COMMITMENT
We promise our customers that whatever the challenge or requirement, Star Plastic is committed to your 100% satisfaction—guaranteed.
Star Plastic thermoformed packaging and product display